I Am Not Yet Dead

Hey guys, looks like I survived finals! And as soon as I find my camera link I’m going to try my damnedest to get back to posting regularly here! I really do adore this blog.


For a rundown, I’m home for the summer. And by summer I mean until July 12th when I go back to London. So, until it’s warm enough to swim I have various projects going. I’m putting photos in albums tomorrow, learning guitar, going to start a recipe book for my mom and I, finish sewing some skirts, read some books and…



Last night, last night I cast off ONE sock from the pair I started in MARCH. I freakin’ hate finals. But I love y’all! 

As for book reviews, there are quite a few I should give, but I think I may just start up from now on again, with perhaps the exception of my favorite book of the semester.

New Computer!

I just bought a Macbook!! I also installed a widgit that will let me post to my blog without having to open a webpage and things, which means more posts from me! Except, it doesn’t do pictures, but as I haven’t been finishing anything lately, that’s not a problem. What with classes, I’m still on the socks. But I will prevail!And soon I will rhasphodize about my English major crazy realizations and such, but at the moment it’s late. Good night, Blogosphere.


I decided to switch to wordpress, so that I could seperate out things like book reviews and FOs and give them their own pages (look up!). I like them a lot, except for the somewhat limited customization features, but I think my blog looks pretty, so we’re good.

PLEASE update your bloglines and RSS feeds! I’d hate to lose commenters and readers!