The Beat Goes On

So, today I was a bit bed-ridden because of an infection on the back of my leg, which kind of sucks, but was very good for knitting. I’ve finished the pocket for Wicked, so all that remains is the bottom and sleeves. Hopefully will finish it next weekend. I’ve also caught up on a lot of podcasts.

Sonya and I were at Junkman’s Daughter, in Little Five Points (kind of the alternative area of Atlanta) this weekend. I had just had my dad order Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation for me, because I want the Newsboy cap held within. And on the bookshelves of Junkman’s, there it was. But Amazon was $5 cheaper.

The also had an awesome book of A MidSummer Night’s Dream paper dolls, which I dorked out over because the Changeling Boy was in it. Awsomeness!!

I really want to go to the new SnB in Buckhead tomorrow, but I can only go if Sonya will drive me. Because of my leg I can’t really walk to MARTA as Rie and I were planning. Sadness.

More news later! :D

Of Harlots and Cupcakes



She’s just as amazing and hilarious and fantastic as she seems on her blog! And I gave her a cupcake!

Before I get into the cupcake story, though, let me apologize for not having updated for a long time. School has been ridiculously time-taking. As in, I had to take psychology flashcards to the Harlot’s event and the only reason why I wasn’t reading Locke’s The Second Treatise of government during the knit-in was that I accidentally left it in the car.

Okay, back to the cupcakes. The first unofficial, but informational meeting of the campus knitting club was today, and Rieddhi and I made cupcakes. They were similar to the marzipan cupcakes, except that we couldn’t find marzipan, so we bought cake decorating stuff.

They were awesome. We also have several new people recruited to being interested in the club, and I will take it through student government as soon as possible! Yay!


n12125574_35032248_4576 (Mini Fetching!!!)


We had to not bake in my sorority house’s kitchen, because during recruitment there was an oven fire and maintenance hasn’t gotten the fire extinguisher stuff out of the oven yet. So, we trekked over to Rie’s dorm, and it’s common room kitchen. Very college-ified.

So of course I had to make one of these cupcakes for the Yarn Harlot.


There were sooo many people in the theatre by Knitch (one that is behind a Ben and Jerry’s that is attached to a Starbucks it’s ridiculously fantastic). I had no idea that there were so many knitters in Atlanta!

My mom is visiting, which makes me happy:


And I like this sign. So wasn’t obeyed:


It was lots of fun, and I’m so excited to have met one of the knitting giants (er… so to speak).

I’m definitely going to update this more. Thwap me if I don’t!!!

Donate, Please

Over at Tangled Fingers Diary, she’s hosting a donate button for the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation. Her sister was diagnosed with EDS type 4. For every $5 you donate you will be eligible for a drawing for 5 skeins of Jaeger Roma.

This means a lot to me, because as many of you know, I have Ehlers Danlos type 7c (aka Dermatosparaxis). Ehlers Danlos itself is incredibly rare, and my type exceedingly so. I have the EDNF to thank, though, for the contact I have with a mother of a ten year old boy who also has Dermatosparaxis.

So, a very worthy cause, in my opinion.

Bad Blogger– No Cookie

Hi guys…. It’s been a while, neh?

I’m sorry, and my readership has probably plummeted, but school ate my life this week. I didn’t even pick up the needles until last night. First classes, scheduling problems, catching up with friends, first parties of the year, my determination to get a 4.0 this semester and such have totally eaten me.

But I bring you an FO!

 Knitpicks Seaman Scarf:

(pictures coming. Flickr hates me)

I knit it with a couple mods; two cables instead of three, and six repeats. Also, more ribbing than called for in the pattern. Also, I cut out the four rows of garter stitch at the bottom.

I’m also really proud of myself, because on my first time doing Kitchener I figured out how to do it on a 2×2 rib. Not that hard. I don’t really see what everyone is complaining about to tell the truth.

The yarn had been sitting in my stash forever, so I was glad to finally knit something with it, ya know? Of course, it’s no where near scarf weather.

Seemingly, I don’t remember these still-hot weeks of August/early September from last year. I had no friends then, and it was all just very stressful. I didn’t tune in again until about a week from now, when I was going through rush and had the possibility of a social life. The best day I had was the 21st of September when it got cool again. Sigh.

The rest of today I plan to spend writing a couple of letters (my faux-big sister (different sorority) is in Kazakhstan for the Peace Corps) and then listening to podcasts and knitting.

One of my friends is having an 80s party, and the asocial knitter in me wants to stay in again tonight, but since I have all of tomorrow off for Labor Day, I’ll go. I have a love/hate relationship with college parties (how ironic is it that the song on my iPod right now is Brad Paisley’s Alcohol?) I go, and I drink. But I don’t like it, necessarily, I prefer the European way of drinking, just sitting around and talking, maybe clubbing. But here it’s all so “only opportunity, breaking the rules” thing.

Sigh. Apparently, though, I’m cute when I’ve been drinking, and my adoration of hugs comes out in full-force. Not a bad thing.

And that’s all. More when my life gets at all interesting.