Lime and Violet

Blog and bookswap was mentioned on L&V

*dies ded*

PS. have people received their books?

Let me know. I’ll be in a corner seaming this afghan until I die

I Really DO Have a Camera and Other Things

There’s knitting in here, promise, but first of all, thanks to Google Analytics I found out that someone found my blog by searching “Can you swim with your nose pierced?”. The answer is yes. You need to wait a few weeks after it’s been done, and wash with antibiotic soap afterwards until it’s healed (2-3 months) and after that you’re fine. :D

Now then. I e-mailed Casey today, of Ravelry fame, to make sure I put my name on the list. I’m paranoid, okay? He said there are 2000 people ahead of me. TWO thousand. TWO THOUSAND! *Sigh*. That’s what I get for listening to Cast On a week late.

The Official Knitter’s Book Swap sign-ups end at 7:00 EDT tonight!

And guess what? I officially ordered the rest of my Kureyon from Yarnmarket. 102 and 207 are on their way! Debbie Bliss 300 is too, so that I can finish the fingerless mitts I started a few–

Actually, I lie. I literally had this revelation while writing this post: I actually need three more balls of Kureyon, not two. In addition to that, I accidentally ordered a skein I already had. Oops. So, I called Yarmarket’s customer service, but they’re closed. We’ll see what they say tomorrow. Hopefully they can cancel that order and I’ll send in a new one immediately. *crosses fingers*

Pictures of the Kureyon Squares I’ve done since last time I posted pictures!

Colorway 33, which reminds me of the Shrek Milkshake Lime and Violet were talking about


215: 040:

183 (sent to me by my LJ Secret Pal:

I’m working on 194 now, have 180 in the stash and will hopefully have three more coming. Sigh. I thought I was so much closer to done :-/


First off, this is hilarious. Oh the amazing things that you find when you click random page on Wikipedia.

So, last night went well. Amazing time with the other Campus Crusaders at Tech, GA State, Kennesaw and others. And lots of work on teh Sock. One thing to keep in mind: There are several things that should never be stored within a foot radius of knitting. Ipods with headphones and camera cases with straps. They all decide that they want to be close personal friends and they get very very tangled.

Today I was supposed to be doing volunteer work, but it was raining lots earlier so things got called off :( . More knitting time. Most of my friends are going camping this weekend, but that’s not my thing. I’m going dancing at Agnes Scott instead, and there will be swing dancing! Yay!

Before I disappear for today, I’d like to sing the praises of these little babies. Lime and Violet talked about them in September and Mom and I ordered two sets after I got her addicted to the Cult of L&V at Christmas. They work fantastically to keep you from pulling out an entire needle’s worth of stitches accidentally. I refer to them as my doodads, and when I’ve misplaced it you will often here me muttering: “Doodad, oh Doodad, where did you go???”

I’m going to go listen to L&V and knit. I am going to turn that heel today!!

First post

Gotta love the first pirst, in which I pretty much talk to myself. As if I don’t do enough of that anyway….

Hi! I’m Chelsey, I’m eighteen and a freshman in college in Atlanta. I have a passion for literature, French, French Literature and knitting. A lot of knitting. I’m attempting to start a knitting club with my friends up here.

Right now I’m working on a Lizard Ridge Afghan which will probably take me the next million years. No, actually I’ve six squares done right now and I’ve been working on it since March. I do a square in between projects.

I name my squares as well. Pictured above are Skyline, The Jungle Book, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream and the first bit of Carnivale. I also have The Secret Garden and Under The Sea that I’ll post pictures of once I find camera batteries.

Right now the in-between is my first pair of socks for me, using the basic pattern from The Yarn Harlot’s Book . I stole it from the Knitting Closet of Doom at home. My mother shall never miss it. Great book, I read most of it in a night and the rest on the ride up here.

I knit a pair of socks from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns for my best friend last year, but not myself. It’s difficult to size them right for me because my leg swells up a lot so they have to be, like, ginormous. Sigh

Today, though, I got ditched by my friends (not really, but had time to myself), so I took a nap and then sat down to listen to Lime and Violet 30 and knit. It was really nice, and I love those girls.

I should be working on my presentation for Shakespeare in Preformance next Thursday, but since I think I just picked a new topic that I want to run by my professors I may go back to my knitting chair! I’m listening to Notre-Dame de Pariswhich makes me want to knit delicate shawls and dance barefoot somewhere in Europe….