Pink Hair and a Nose Ring

I’m so that girl. It’s awesome.

Dyed my hair pink for Hallowe’en. Actually, it’s more pink highlights, but still really cool. I was Nymphadora Tonks, and will now answer to Tonks if anyone would just pick up calling me that, lol.

I have also fallen in love with tights. Striped, preferably.

And today I went to Little Five and got my nose redone. I’m very happy, as I missed it a lot, but annoyed because now I have to do the antibacterial washing and seasalt soaks again for a month or so. Annoyingness.


I need to get to a fabric store to get mesh to put in the brim of my latest FO and then it will be posted :D

FO: Wicked

I finally wore my Wicked today! Actually, Thursday, but the internet hasn’t behaved until now!


Better pictures when it’s not raining out. I didn’t want to wear it in the rain, but was so determined to finally wear the damn thing that I gave up caring. It’s done in two (yes two) skeins of Arucania Natural Wool with my row gauge a little off. I put in the pocket and knit a little more to make it longer. I’m not happy with the BO edge, it’s too tight, but to lazy to rip out.

The headband is with the same yarn, with the Wicked crossovers and a cable.


Book Review: Elsewhere

Elsewhere (Ala Notable Children’s Books. Older Readers) by Gabrielle Zevin

Okay, so, I write Young Adult fiction, and so I am always on the lookout for good examples of it. They’re not always easy to find. This is a genre that needs some serious attention, because among all of the ridiculously pointless and out there fantasy (and I do like good fantasy) and then the chick-lit, popular girl titles there is precious little of weight. Greats like Tamora Pierce, Madeline L’Engle, Dodie Smith and others are, in my opinion, under appreciated.

I even think that most middle reader books are better than YA. But this review isn’t about my views on writing. It’s about Elsewhere.

I picked it up because the author wrote another book (Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac) that I want to read, but then I couldn’t put this one down. It’s incredibly creative. Even though the “dead teenage girl coping with death” thing has been done and even the alternative to heaven is reminiscent of The Lovely Bones: A NovelI still found this book very original because of the little details.

In it, Liz is a fifteen-year-old girl who is killed when she is hit by a cab driver. When she wakes up, she’s in Elsewhere, a kind of otherworld where humans spend time growing backwards, until as babies again they go back to Earth. I doubt it’s never been done, but I like the way Zevin deals with it. She also manages to put a sweet love story in it, and says a lot about the nature of life and time.

There, are, though, some elements that I could do without. The dead communicate with the living through…. water. Original, but a little odd for me. Also, the insistence that Liz was, in life, “a normal fifteen year old”, just because I don’t think such a thing exists.

But other than that, I really enjoyed this book. The aging backwards when you came to care about the character was painful, and I admit to crying at the end. I wish there had been a little bit more of her family’s dealing with her death, and, well, I won’t ruin it, but a little more detail on her choice to make a certain decision.

But, as much as I liked it, I can’t let go of the similarity to The Lovely Bones.

Halloween Carnivals

This past month I’ve volunteered at two carnivals in neighborhoods in Atlanta.One wasn’t really for Halloween; it was a neighborhood bake and craft fair in the area where the charter school that my school has an affiliation with is.

I don’t know what income the housing area is, but my guess would be low. The fair consisted of several rented carnival games, with dollar store prizes. The food was homemade by the neighbors and varied in quality. It was good, but it made me miss festivals at home with my brother catering with his huge grill. Still, the kids there had fun and the neighborhood had a good time.

Today I volunteered at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Georgia’s Halloween carnival at Marist. It was obviously better sponsored, prizes from TV stations (we had to remove the “So Sexy—Court TV” wristbands from the prize options!), Mellow Mushroom pizza, ice cream (no sugar added).

I don’t even think it was a higher budget thing, because my guess is that much of it was donated, although the insulin pump display people may have paid for their tables. It was just interesting to see the difference between the two carnivals, both of which were for very good causes with very cute kids but in very different neighborhoods with extremely different demographics.

I have to say, I have a great empathy for the kids with diabetes. My sorority sister who has it (the instigator of this project) and I often commiserate about the woes of healthcare problems, but she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of eleven, so she wasn’t affected as a young child. But these kids know their health problems as well as I knew not to play rough at recess. To watch out for stairs.

But they’ll make mistakes. Eat the wrong thing. Fall down. And their moms will learn that they can’t always look out for them. And they’ll one day, maybe at eighteen in a dorm room somewhere, have the realization that while it may never go away there will come a time when managing it becomes second nature and things will be okay.

And my heart breaks in the same way it does when i speak to the mother of the little boy who has Dermatosparaxis, because I wish they didn’t have to do it.  But, then again, maybe they too will have that little bit of pride that comes from learning how to better take care of a body that attempts to foil your every move, you know?

This blog started out being about Atlanta neighborhoods and demographics, and it turned into disability-ness. What do you expect from the gimp kid? :D

FYI, my cough’s much better and my arm is almost better. Still swollen, but the lack of pain sings the praises of the antibiotic! Woo!

Keep Breathing

What did you do with your Saturday?

I met Ingrid Michaelson

sonya, Ingrid Michaelson and i

Yeah. That’s right. Featured on Grey’s Anatomy and Cast-On. And the Old Navy commercials. Best music ever, my Live Journal layout, my ringtone, my idol, Ingrid Michaelson.

So, the story. A few weeks ago, I was on her website, seeing if she had a blog about the Old Navy Commercial, in case people said she was selling out (people are idiots). And I saw that she was touring with Matt Nathanson. On the page I looked further and saw that she would be in Atlanta. So of course, I had to be there. It wasn’t really a choice.

I texted Sonya to see if she’d go with me, because I am, unfortunately, unable and unwilling to go to concerts by myself, too many crazies. She said she’d go, so I bought the tickets. Doors opened at eight, no seating assignment on the ticket confirmation. I figured, hey, we’ll play the disability card, get up close and that’ll be good.

When I called the Box Office yesterday they informed me that it was standing room and they’d do what they could. Well, I wasn’t willing to give it up just because of that, but I was slightly disheartened. Standing for long periods of time is not something that works well with me.

But, Sonya picked me up and we went up to the venue. In the parking garage they demanded $15, which we did not have, so we went up in an attempt to find our way out. Two guys who “worked there” answered our queries about handicapped parking with a “you can park near the elevator”. No shit. They also told us they had keys to the elevator. We were not comfortable with their chaperoning skills, let us say, but by the time we parked near the elevator they had left.

We got out and went into the place, but had to go back outside and around the block to get in line. We were in between a very dumb girl and her friend and two gay guys who were there in the hopes of getting in. Oh. And there was a very large black man going up the line asking to buy tickets, (who Sonya christened Bubba) who had a pale pink and purple Jansport backpack.

Eventually the line moves inside, up some stairs (more fun for me!) and into the venue. Where the stage is on one side, the bar on the other and a million people between. We decided to hover near the edge so that I didn’t get trampled. A woman told me I had nice hair and touched it, always a plus.

But then Ingrid came on and started with Far Away, my favorite song, and I could not stand in the back unable to see. Just no. So, in the way that I get first in line for Harry Potter books I took Sonya’s hand and started to maneuver. There is something to be said for people who like the music of Ingrid Michaelson, they seem to be nice people, as I ended up about two rows of people back from her without getting hit or stepped on.


She sang Far Away, one song I didn’t recognize (and I have both albums….), Breakable, The Way I Am, Overboard and Keep Breathing. I would have been happy if the entire show were her.

When she was done, Sonya and I were starting to leave, because as good as Matt Nathanson may be (I have no idea, having never heard him), I could not stand that whole time. When Ingrid said she’d be there for people to meet etc I thought it would be after the show. But then we ended up in a line near the selling of stuff place. And when we asked what the line was for a woman (not to patient, but whatever) said “To meet Ingrid”.

So we stayed in line, in front of three girls who said that it would have been far better if she had sang the whole concert (as I agreed). And then we met her. And all I could say was “I’m Chelsey and I love your music”. Didn’t even think to mention Cast-On. But I met her. And took a picture with her. And it’s amazing. I’ve never been the star-stricken bumbling girl (well, maybe with the Harlot), but this was awesome. And also only my second real concert.

So, worry about not even getting to go, being late not so great with the standing, and the almost getting hit by a purse (pursed, as it were) in the head, and the lameness of the venue (shady, downtown Atlanta). But I ceased to care, because I saw her, met her, got pictures. And maybe one day this kid in a dorm room in Atlanta will inspire another girl who aspires to be something. If I become a writer or something. Pass it on and all.

The only thing I’m sad about is I have to wait and order a t-shirt online. They didn’t take cards. (Who carries cash any more?). That and $!5 plus ATM fees for parking.

Tomorrow I get to volunteer at a kids’ Halloween carnival with my sisters, and get the looks and the questions. But whatever. My weekend is made. Heck, my month is made. :D

Book Review: The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren


The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren

If you read my book reviews you’re probably going to get some odd ones in here. I’m interesting like that.

This book caught my eye…. No, actually it found me, walking past the shelves that are never looked at in the library, the ones I past while walking from the computers in the back, the ones that people only use when the main ones are full. Don’t ask me why I pulled it off the shelves, but upon flipping through it I knew that if I didn’t check it out I’d end up being late for class, and I am the type who goes to class.

Not many college students would be interested in a married couples 1959 study of schoolchildren’s habits, but I have odd fascinations from time to time. At nine it was Titanic. Twelve, the Romanovs. Fourteen, Harry Potter.

So I checked it out. And in it found variants, I kid you not, of every rhyme and superstition I knew as a kid. Some were noted as coming from the US, but others were widely known all over the English speaking world.

And tonight? There it was, the rhyme my grandma had told me, to my delight, over and over as a child: “What’s your name?” I’d ask, persistantly? “Pudding-and-tame, ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.”

It’s weird, but fascinating, to know what you share with other children from centuries past. And I, who am in a weird phase between child and adult, found this book a fascinating rumination on the nature of the child.

It’s out of print, but if it ever calls to you from a shelf, give it a whirl!

Why this isn’t an FO post

I’ve been sick. Going to the doctor today, actually. I had a sinus thing, and now an infection in my arm. Call me odd, but I just haven’t felt like modeling my Wicked under those circumstances *sigh*

I also had a psych test in the middle of the week and got about four hours of sleep the night before it.

But, assuming my doctor’s appointment today goes well, this weekend should be awesome. I’m seeing Ingrid Michaelson in concert tomorrow and volunteering at a kids’ hallowe’en carnival Sunday! :D

Nose Pierced? Knitter

I am temporarily unpierced. Odd? Yes. Yesterday morning I woke up and my nose ring had fallen out. But, I found it, no big deal, so I can just put it back in, yes?

Er…. No.

Couldn’t find the hole. School nurse couldn’t find the hole. It has scar-tissued over. Over night. So I have to go back to where I got it done and get them to look at it, and if they insist on piercing the other side instead because of scar tissue or whatnot I’m screwed because I CANNOT SEE OUT OF THAT EYE!

I like my nose ring. I want it back *pouts*

In other news Wicked is drying in my bathroom. Blocking is the devil. Magic, but the devil.

In the mean time, I’m working on the Newsboy cap from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation out of the Jo Sharp Tweed my Summer Camp Swap pal got me.

And I’m making good grades, which is the reason for the lack of time for blogging. I’m top in two classes, which is ridiculously awesome.

Anyone up for another bookswap?


I’m not sure where it goes. Suddenly it’s past the beginning of October and some balls have just started rolling. Our knitting club should get recognized by student government on Wednesday, and then we can start meeting and then take stock of people’s abilities, things we’ll be doing and so on.

I have an almost-FO, but it still needs to be blocked and the accessory I’m making to go with it needs to be done :D. But soon. Hopefully it’ll all be done by Thursday, which, if the forecast doesn’t lie to me, should be the first day that the high drops considerably (to 70, but still).

I made banana nut muffins today, and they were pretty darn good, I think :) The probably could have done with some brown sugar, but they were a recipe using Splenda, so I didn’t want to up the calories with another sugar.

Tomorrow I meet with both the study-abroad coordinator and Financial aid to see about going back to London for a few week this summer :D

Oh, and my podcast listening is finally up to only those released in the past week. It’s kind of a miracle.

More very soon!

Just avoided danger!!

My friend just called me after I’d been back in my room from my honors meeting for about fifteen minutes:

“Chelsey, did you leave your knitting here?”

“…. probably so.”

“Is it purple and in a plastic bag?”

“Uh huh….”

Wow. How lucky am I that she found it??