YARN! And an FO!

Wow, sorry it’s been a while… I was waiting for my shipment from Yarnmarket to come in and come in it has! My last three skeins of Noro for Lizard Ridge and my Debbie Bliss!

While I was waiting for that, I started a Calorimetry, but was nearly done when I realized it was too small and decided that I was too lazy to frog. Instead I did a headband that Mom found on Knitpicks

It’s made from leftover Di Ve Teseo, from which I made my best friend a ribbed hat last Christmas. I really like it, and it’s a great stash buster. There’s not much else, knitting-wise. I plan to spend the next few days listening to podcasts and Ingrid Michaelson (wish I had money, I’d get her shirt :-( ) and finishing my afghan.

Book review time.

I finished this one last week, but didn’t want to post a review without a real post. So next post will have another review.

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

This book is almost purely satire, and yet still has the classic ending. Catherine is not, as Jane Austen points out, really anything special that would make her a heroine. True to this, nothing in the story that could lead to a great Gothic adventure becomes one. Naive, but well-read, Catherine expects a mystery around every corner when she goes with her new friend Eleanor Tilney to her Abbey (and not, as the back of the book suggests with Eleanor’s brother, Henry who is just there with them). But, each time there could be a great mystery there is a mundane explanation.

Instead, the mystery comes when Catherine is suddenly sent away from the abbey by Eleanor and Henry’s father.

Overall, I liked the book. I like Henry even more than Darcy (blasphemous, I know!) and the stereotype and satire were fantastic and even laughing-out-loud funny. However, I think Austen’s point would have been made even if she had not pointed out that Catherine did not have this or that quality of an accomplished lady, as she so often does. Elizabeth Bennett cannot play the pianoforte; Catherine cannot draw.

I did like how adamant and accurate Austen was about Catherine’s seventeen-year-old naiveté. There was significantly less plot than in Pride and Prejudice, but it made very a very good light novel.

Comfort Knitting

So after the disappointing misadventures of Sock, on Saturday night I cast on a Calorimetry from the Winter Knitty I’d done one over Christmas Break (pictured), in Plymouth Boku Color 01 (Plymouth’s version of Kureyon) with the 120 stitches, and another in February, using Boku Color 05 for my little sister in my sorority to give her on the night of Revelations. On that one I used 84 stitches, I think. Thus, I knew the pattern well. I did a little under half that night, some during Initiation and the rest Sunday night. Less than twenty-four hours, probably about two or three actually working on it. It was a comfort knit. Anyone else do that? My comfort knits are Fetching, Calorimetry and squares for my afghan, I think.

I only cast on 88 for this one, and the yarn is Debbie Bliss SoHo color 37507. That’s me modeling it. I forgot the bruse on the bridge of my nose was still there. It’s a funny story, involving the metal edge at the bottom of the bunk above me and my face. Anyway, I like the Calorimetry with my hair better than hats, because my hair is teh thick, and I wanted one for spring.

In other news, my Starbucks craving was finally appeased. Sonya, Rieddhi and I set off today for some much needed Starbucks and Knitting (the combination is amazing). I spent most of the day doing layout for the litmag, when not in class, and by the time we went I was DYING for caffiene. My only words were: “Starbucks, please Starbucks. Coffee? Coffee? Coffee?”

We decided to take pictures for the knitting club facebook group, and I like them. We’re cute little knitters.
Ah caffeine. Note the grandeness.

Sonya pretending to
work on my afgahn square. She didn’t have her knitting with her.

Rie, working on a blanket square for Sonya. (One of her friends is having a baby)

Me, working on my afghan block

I’ve gotten pretty quick on the Lizard Ridge blocks. I should have this one done by Thursday/Friday-ish, if not sooner. One of my friends is in town, and I’ll probably see her tomorrow, and I need to do that whole preparing for class thing.

We’re planning a field trip to Knitch next week, which is good because I’m knitting through my stash *gasp, shock*. After this afghan block. (And maybe a scarf….and another afghan block) I’m gonna try socks again. And actually gauge and calculate and stuff. *Mutters angrily about silly gaugeness* Because I want to wear pretty socks.

S0, that’s it. Starbucks+Knitting= ultimate stress reliever. Rie and I are planning another exursion later this week.

Oh, and good news. I just found out that my high school just got it’s auditorium rebuilt. It was killed in Hurricane Ivan my junior year, so I’m really excited for them, and I talked to my drama teacher for about half an hour and squeed over it.