New Computer!

I just bought a Macbook!! I also installed a widgit that will let me post to my blog without having to open a webpage and things, which means more posts from me! Except, it doesn’t do pictures, but as I haven’t been finishing anything lately, that’s not a problem. What with classes, I’m still on the socks. But I will prevail!And soon I will rhasphodize about my English major crazy realizations and such, but at the moment it’s late. Good night, Blogosphere.


5 Responses to “New Computer!”

  1. Betharoopie Says:

    Ahhhh, English major crazy realizations…such fond memories… ;)

  2. Alana Says:

    Mac Books rock! i just got a new one before we left the states, i love mine!

  3. Snarky » Blog Archive » Guess what I got? Says:

    […] Evidently I’m not the only one in Blogland with a new Macbook either.  (Chelsey over at Tales of a Nosepierced Knitter just got one too…) […]

  4. Erika Says:

    Yay!!! Have fun … Macs rule. I still have my black & white Classic from 1991 :)

  5. dreamerknits Says:

    Congrats on the MacBook. I have a MacBook pro, and I’ll never ever go back to PC. Macs = love.

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