Unidentified Sock Yarn

I did a lot knitting related today that wasn’t really knitting. (Don’t worry, I’m getting to it!)

 I wound the yarn for my Wicked (tis so pretty) it has more pink in it than I thought, but that’s not a bad thing. This was while I was in the process of organizing my stash and putting the yarn from Europe in it.

When I was archiving it on Ravelry I realized that this yarn has apparently had a ballband switch:

seeing as it is definitely NOT Surf Color. Can someone identify? (I realize it’s a bad picture, i’ll try and take a better one when there is more light)

 Still getting used to WordPress. I do like a lot of things better than Blogger, but the photo interface sucks a bit. Still, can’t have everything.

Comment if your reading this so I can make sure people know I  switched??

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Summer Cleaning

Finals are in spring. Cleaning doesn’t happen. But today I took it upon myself to organize my stash.
With the aide of these:


became this:

Fixed a lot of clutter, found some needles and found some yarn that I don’t think I’m ever in my life going to use.

I also have some Lizard Ridge pics for you all! Nine blocks done!

Oh, and check this out. It’s adorable! Don’t Stop Believin’=best song ever.

Off to finish cleaning out my iTunes so I can dump a whole lot of music on it!