A meme, some pictures and a request

So, with the yarn I have right now, I only need five more balls of Kureyon to finish. That scares me and excites me all at the same time. I want to order the next five online as soon as I finish the ones I have, and i will be able to do so if my mother permits or if the credit card I applied for arrives soon. But with Europe in the works we have zero dollars.

I get that, I promise, but it’s SO annoying! I want stuff! Like, I put a few cookbooks on my amazon wishlist today for next year, but can’t get them now. Can’t get yarn. Can’t get theWaterproof Housing for iPod I want. Can barely get my book for the swap (but tis a necessity!). It’s annoying. I’m used to us being fairly able to afford things minimally, every once in a while something, you know? This is vaguely ridiculous, but will be nice in Europe I suppose.

On another note, I’m nearly done with the rewrites on my novel, and I really need someone dependable who’s a fairly quick reader to look at it. Would anyone be interested? Someone who’d be interested in working with me on this and maybe future things? It’s a YA novel…. Comment me if you’re interested!

Oh! I got my hair cut yesterday:

It’s my first time having any kind of bangs, ever, and I reallyreally like it!

Yesterday I finished a LR square, in 215. i have 184 on the needles, own 183 and bought one yesterday…. I don’t know the colorway, it’s dark brown with some reds in it. Pretty. My square is prettiful too, but my camera is dead and I’m to lazy to go get batteries :D

Looking at other people’s Lizard Ridges, I feel like I could just keep going forever, but I’m also excited about the prospect of having it DONE! I’m probably going to order from Yarnmarket, because they have good colorways for $8.35. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be: 194, (because of this square), 40, 214, 164 and one other but I’m not on the computer that has my basket. I think it was 207. I really like the new Kureyon colorways. At the same time, I see all the gorgeous ones they have and go: “I could make another row…. or another blanket to donate to Afghans for Afghans as done here

But then again, I’m ready to move on, and whilst I plan on donating to charity with my knitting through the club I want to form, it’ll probably be baby hats. It’s time to move on, and stop judging yarn stores by their Noro Kureyon stock….

Had Starbucks with my friend Seppy today. Was très excited that a lightly blended Javachip w/o whip is only three points on Weightwatchers I realized that my friends and I are starting to branch out, and won’t be home all summer any more. I definitely don’t want to be next year, although it is nice.

Anyway, a meme from Gabrielle and a reminder to sign-up for the Bookswap!

4 jobs I have had in my life:

1. Babysitting my mom’s co-worker’s kids. It was my first real babysitting job. Carl was eleven and severely ADHD, never shut up but we talked about Harry Potter. His sister was a strange duck, eight, too smart for her breaches (oh, I’m not southern. noooo) but over all a nice kid.

2. Receptionisting at my mom’s work. Not official, I had nothing better to do because I had a broken knee.

3. Calling alums for money at the school Phone-a-thon

4. Haven’t actually done it yet, but speaking at a few conferences about the whole disability. I mean, I’ve done break out sessions, but I’m the closing speaker at two this summer.

4 films I can watch again and again:

1. A Very Long Engagement
–I love it. I relate to the main character sooo much
2.A League of Their Own
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Widescreen Edition)
4. Rent

4 places I have lived:

1. Pensacola
2. Tallahassee from the ages of 5-7
3. Pensacola again
4. Atlanta

We moved house a lot the last time in Pensacola, and it was quite different from my first five years; promise.

4 TV series I watch:1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. House
3. Gilmore Girls
4. I guess…. Nothing, really
4 places I have been on holiday:

1. Orlando (many times)
2. Chicago (with my mom for a few days)
3. Willmington, Delaware (where my grandparents live)
4. New York City

4 things I do every time I am on the Net:

1. Check email
2. Read blogs
3. Go on Facebook
4. Read Livejournal

4 things I would NOT eat for anything in the world:

1. Bugs
2. Pasta that’s not lo mien. Don’t ask. Just picky.
3. Raw meet
4. anything that makes me gag

4 places I would love to be right now:

1. Back at school
2. Europe
3. With my friends
4. Somewhere exciting

4 people I tag, if they have not been tagged already:



okay, that’s it. and let me know if anyone wants to do the read the manuscript thing

It’s Thundering

First off: Amy, do you have a blog? It wouldn’t let me view your profile, and I loved your comment!!

Funny…. When I was in high school I hated rain. And I don’t like it, much, but I find that when I’m not involved in five minute class changes and getting in and out of Mommy’s car I don’t mind it so much, don’t care so much about getting wet….

But I say this all from the safety of my room which I’m not leaving tonight.

Not so worried about my Shakespeare thing, because a bunch of people read their papers to the class instead of presenting an oral and handing in a paper to go with it. I can do better than that. But, since the worry is less I plan on spending the night writing to my Knitterly Swap Pen-pal, eating popcorn and watching House. I can do this in good conscience because

Yet Another Lizard Ridge Square Begun in Lieu of Sock is done!

Between Starbucks with Rie, at which I spilled her tea all over her….. and Knitting through Shakespeare class I got it done.

Speaking of Knitting through Class, I had the “OMB you knit in class?” with someone again today. Yes. I do. But only in the classes where if I did not my head would be on my desk and I would be bored out of my mind. In the classes where I don’t have to take notes. I don’t do things that require concentration. I answer questions. I am part of the discussion. If a professor asks me not to knit, I don’t. I wait a good month of classes before I try, having staked-out which professors will be okay with it.

Power just flickered. Grr.

Anyway. Yes I knit in class. End of story.

Back to the Lizard Square. Through doing this I’ve learned a lot as to how to work with Noro. You have to choose your skeins carefully. The colors most obvious may not even end up in your square, you have to know when to break and pull out a strand of all one color, or else you have an entirely blue square. It’s fun and challenging.

Rie knows a yarn store that’s going out of business, so I think we’re field-tripping there tomorrow! We’re also gonna sit outside the cafeteria with some of my stuff to get people interested in our knitting club :D

Oh, and OMG guyz, check this out: Alison over at The Blue Blog is coming out with a book in May, with patterns inspired by Harry Potter. I am très excited! :D

That’s all for today. Off to ponder: French homework before or after House?

Comfort Knitting

So after the disappointing misadventures of Sock, on Saturday night I cast on a Calorimetry from the Winter Knitty I’d done one over Christmas Break (pictured), in Plymouth Boku Color 01 (Plymouth’s version of Kureyon) with the 120 stitches, and another in February, using Boku Color 05 for my little sister in my sorority to give her on the night of Revelations. On that one I used 84 stitches, I think. Thus, I knew the pattern well. I did a little under half that night, some during Initiation and the rest Sunday night. Less than twenty-four hours, probably about two or three actually working on it. It was a comfort knit. Anyone else do that? My comfort knits are Fetching, Calorimetry and squares for my afghan, I think.

I only cast on 88 for this one, and the yarn is Debbie Bliss SoHo color 37507. That’s me modeling it. I forgot the bruse on the bridge of my nose was still there. It’s a funny story, involving the metal edge at the bottom of the bunk above me and my face. Anyway, I like the Calorimetry with my hair better than hats, because my hair is teh thick, and I wanted one for spring.

In other news, my Starbucks craving was finally appeased. Sonya, Rieddhi and I set off today for some much needed Starbucks and Knitting (the combination is amazing). I spent most of the day doing layout for the litmag, when not in class, and by the time we went I was DYING for caffiene. My only words were: “Starbucks, please Starbucks. Coffee? Coffee? Coffee?”

We decided to take pictures for the knitting club facebook group, and I like them. We’re cute little knitters.
Ah caffeine. Note the grandeness.

Sonya pretending to
work on my afgahn square. She didn’t have her knitting with her.

Rie, working on a blanket square for Sonya. (One of her friends is having a baby)

Me, working on my afghan block

I’ve gotten pretty quick on the Lizard Ridge blocks. I should have this one done by Thursday/Friday-ish, if not sooner. One of my friends is in town, and I’ll probably see her tomorrow, and I need to do that whole preparing for class thing.

We’re planning a field trip to Knitch next week, which is good because I’m knitting through my stash *gasp, shock*. After this afghan block. (And maybe a scarf….and another afghan block) I’m gonna try socks again. And actually gauge and calculate and stuff. *Mutters angrily about silly gaugeness* Because I want to wear pretty socks.

S0, that’s it. Starbucks+Knitting= ultimate stress reliever. Rie and I are planning another exursion later this week.

Oh, and good news. I just found out that my high school just got it’s auditorium rebuilt. It was killed in Hurricane Ivan my junior year, so I’m really excited for them, and I talked to my drama teacher for about half an hour and squeed over it.