Short Story Writing Month

Because I really don’t have any time on my hands, I’ve signed up for Short Story Writing Month it’s kind of a prelude to NaNoWriMo and it should be fun. I’m trying to write more.

I got my Ravelry Summer Camp Swap package today, but I can’t find the doodad that makes my camera and my computer be friends at the moment, so pictures tomorrow! :D

Oh, and I think the second volume of the Bookswap will start off around the 21st of September, so be thinking. (maybe a back-to-school theme? So classics?)



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Book Review: Water for the Elephants


Water for Elephants: A Novel

This novel does what many novels fail to do: it combines several different, and distinct themes and time periods in a way that is incredibly natural. Jacob Jankowski is the narrator, although he narrates from two very different perspectives, himself at the age of ninety (or ninety-three) and twenty-three. At somewhere over ninety, he is in a nursing home being cared for and condescended to in a way that he does not care for at all. At twenty-three he is own his own for the first time, his parents dead and having run away from his veterinary school exams.

In switching between both points of view, Gruen creates two different worlds, both of which have their own population and vernaculars: the circus and the nursing home. I had never thought of the particulars of a nineteen-thirties circus and found her descriptions to be absolutely fascinating and achingly brutal at times. In particular, the emphasis of the prohibition interested me, simply because I’d never really thought about it before.

Although the plot within Jacob’s circus years can seem a bit contrived at times, particularly the climax scene, it’s not entirely too far-fetched, and a nice love story.

The nursing home scenes open up another world of honesty, and I thought the overall message about treatment of the old, who had once been so independent was brilliant. The foreshadowing and interlocking of the two worlds was also well done.

I listened to this on audio, (audible link: and the narrators were fantastic. They gave Jacob two voices, but at the same time, kept him the same person. I would definitely recommend listening to the book.

What’s Up Boredom?

So… I’m alone in a sorority house. Yeah. Because apparently we were supposed to have house manager training, but that was before the Greek Adviser left. Funny story, that one.

My big sister (sorority…. although she’s not technically IN my sorority, but she fits the bill anyway), just left for two years in the Peace Corps and not many other people have moved onto campus.

The Center for Civic Engagement has put me off a few times too, as far as working on organizing our knitting club, but I have emailed Local Yarn Stores for any aid they can give us.

I finished the second half of the cables on the Seaman Scarf, so I hope to get it finished before classes start on the 28th, and get started on Wicked! :D It’ll probably be slow-going, because it won’t be my in-class knit, which will mean having two projects on the needles, regularly *gasp!*

Hmm… that’s about it. More when my life gets more interesting.

Swatching, Baking and I should be Packing!

As I said before, the finishing of my socks and all meant that it was time to swatch for Wicked! I love the yarn I chose, and my stitch gauge is right on! It seemed to grow a bit in blocking, which means I’ll probably do the smallest size, since Wicked seems to run large. My row gauge is off by a bit, but most of it is measured in inches, so that’s okay!

Today I also baked a bit. I made dinner for my mom, actually, my first time really cooking from scratch! (I don’t count steaks on the Foreman, I could do that at eleven). I’ve baked from scratch before, but chicken terayoki is new. (Thank you Cooking Outside the Pizza Box: Easy Recipes for Today’s College Student)

I even got my brother in on the plan, he took my little brother for the afternoon (Brother 1 is 35 with a kid of his own) and Mom didn’t know until this morning :D

And the only thing tht went wrong was that I lost a battle with a can of mandarin oranges!

The brownies were from:Baking with Splenda and they tasted really good. I had to used our whipped butter though, instead of margarine, and so they were a little crumbly and hard to spread as batter. Still taste good. They have M&Ms, chocolate chips and nuts in them :D

I love baking, being able to go from this:batter to this:brownies (yes, i know, lumpy. But good)

I’m planning on baking something about once a week once at school, so keep an eye out for that!

Speaking of school. I leave tomorrow. And yet I’m sitting here on my computer (In my defense, I had to reformat it and I’m getting everything stored again).

Mom and I have been sewing skirts for me, but the elastic she got at Jo Ann’s didn’t spring back well, so she’ll have to start over and send them to me. Plus her surger didn’t work. So much for really learning to sew this summer.

Summer…. which is basically over. Dang. I really can’t believe it.

Oh well, onward to a new semester!

FO Jeans Socks!

These socks are knit from the yarn my LJ Secret Pal sent me (thanks Lauren!). They’re knit in Knitty’s toe-up pattern, exactly, but still a little loose in the foot and the heel’s long. I think I’m going to try a backwards flap heel next time. Still, they fit. Poor darlings were so streatched out after I wore them yesterday though!


 Next up is finishing the scarf I started before Europe, and then swatching for Wicked!

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Unidentified Sock Yarn

I did a lot knitting related today that wasn’t really knitting. (Don’t worry, I’m getting to it!)

 I wound the yarn for my Wicked (tis so pretty) it has more pink in it than I thought, but that’s not a bad thing. This was while I was in the process of organizing my stash and putting the yarn from Europe in it.

When I was archiving it on Ravelry I realized that this yarn has apparently had a ballband switch:

seeing as it is definitely NOT Surf Color. Can someone identify? (I realize it’s a bad picture, i’ll try and take a better one when there is more light)

 Still getting used to WordPress. I do like a lot of things better than Blogger, but the photo interface sucks a bit. Still, can’t have everything.

Comment if your reading this so I can make sure people know I  switched??

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