I’m not sure where it goes. Suddenly it’s past the beginning of October and some balls have just started rolling. Our knitting club should get recognized by student government on Wednesday, and then we can start meeting and then take stock of people’s abilities, things we’ll be doing and so on.

I have an almost-FO, but it still needs to be blocked and the accessory I’m making to go with it needs to be done :D. But soon. Hopefully it’ll all be done by Thursday, which, if the forecast doesn’t lie to me, should be the first day that the high drops considerably (to 70, but still).

I made banana nut muffins today, and they were pretty darn good, I think :) The probably could have done with some brown sugar, but they were a recipe using Splenda, so I didn’t want to up the calories with another sugar.

Tomorrow I meet with both the study-abroad coordinator and Financial aid to see about going back to London for a few week this summer :D

Oh, and my podcast listening is finally up to only those released in the past week. It’s kind of a miracle.

More very soon!

Of Harlots and Cupcakes



She’s just as amazing and hilarious and fantastic as she seems on her blog! And I gave her a cupcake!

Before I get into the cupcake story, though, let me apologize for not having updated for a long time. School has been ridiculously time-taking. As in, I had to take psychology flashcards to the Harlot’s event and the only reason why I wasn’t reading Locke’s The Second Treatise of government during the knit-in was that I accidentally left it in the car.

Okay, back to the cupcakes. The first unofficial, but informational meeting of the campus knitting club was today, and Rieddhi and I made cupcakes. They were similar to the marzipan cupcakes, except that we couldn’t find marzipan, so we bought cake decorating stuff.

They were awesome. We also have several new people recruited to being interested in the club, and I will take it through student government as soon as possible! Yay!


n12125574_35032248_4576 (Mini Fetching!!!)


We had to not bake in my sorority house’s kitchen, because during recruitment there was an oven fire and maintenance hasn’t gotten the fire extinguisher stuff out of the oven yet. So, we trekked over to Rie’s dorm, and it’s common room kitchen. Very college-ified.

So of course I had to make one of these cupcakes for the Yarn Harlot.


There were sooo many people in the theatre by Knitch (one that is behind a Ben and Jerry’s that is attached to a Starbucks it’s ridiculously fantastic). I had no idea that there were so many knitters in Atlanta!

My mom is visiting, which makes me happy:


And I like this sign. So wasn’t obeyed:


It was lots of fun, and I’m so excited to have met one of the knitting giants (er… so to speak).

I’m definitely going to update this more. Thwap me if I don’t!!!

Swatching, Baking and I should be Packing!

As I said before, the finishing of my socks and all meant that it was time to swatch for Wicked! I love the yarn I chose, and my stitch gauge is right on! It seemed to grow a bit in blocking, which means I’ll probably do the smallest size, since Wicked seems to run large. My row gauge is off by a bit, but most of it is measured in inches, so that’s okay!

Today I also baked a bit. I made dinner for my mom, actually, my first time really cooking from scratch! (I don’t count steaks on the Foreman, I could do that at eleven). I’ve baked from scratch before, but chicken terayoki is new. (Thank you Cooking Outside the Pizza Box: Easy Recipes for Today’s College Student)

I even got my brother in on the plan, he took my little brother for the afternoon (Brother 1 is 35 with a kid of his own) and Mom didn’t know until this morning :D

And the only thing tht went wrong was that I lost a battle with a can of mandarin oranges!

The brownies were from:Baking with Splenda and they tasted really good. I had to used our whipped butter though, instead of margarine, and so they were a little crumbly and hard to spread as batter. Still taste good. They have M&Ms, chocolate chips and nuts in them :D

I love baking, being able to go from this:batter to this:brownies (yes, i know, lumpy. But good)

I’m planning on baking something about once a week once at school, so keep an eye out for that!

Speaking of school. I leave tomorrow. And yet I’m sitting here on my computer (In my defense, I had to reformat it and I’m getting everything stored again).

Mom and I have been sewing skirts for me, but the elastic she got at Jo Ann’s didn’t spring back well, so she’ll have to start over and send them to me. Plus her surger didn’t work. So much for really learning to sew this summer.

Summer…. which is basically over. Dang. I really can’t believe it.

Oh well, onward to a new semester!