Simple Joy

I’m swatching. For a new project. Wendy’s iPod sweater. My socks are done (pictures when I put batteries in my camera).

I’m making headway on my summer projects. I can play a couple chords on the guitar. I’ve driven around the neighborhood at a glorious speed of fifteen miles per hour. I only have three hundred pages left in the huge book i want to finish. It’s been a pretty productive day. Add to that, two more skeins of yarn to use up before I start my Central Park Hoodie all makes me a happy nose-pierced knitter!

Sad Story

I just binned a pair of socks. The socks I knit last summer, the blue ones that I like very much. They are very soft and have lovely colors. And many holes. Those socks travelled with me to Europe. I should keep them for sentimental value. But I can’t. Because they have irreparable holes.


I am considering buying more of the yarn and reknitting them to make myself feel better. 


Yeah binning is a lie. they’re going in the back of my sock drawer.


it has been quite a semester. So I’ll give it to you in pictures, while I sit back here trying to knit these freaking two-month-long socks! 

Moe’s picnic inside in April. It was cold. 

My school is pretty in April:



Renaissance Faire!!




PS. if anyone knows a good place to buy a cabled cardigan in summer (no time to knit one), let me know.

I Am Not Yet Dead

Hey guys, looks like I survived finals! And as soon as I find my camera link I’m going to try my damnedest to get back to posting regularly here! I really do adore this blog.


For a rundown, I’m home for the summer. And by summer I mean until July 12th when I go back to London. So, until it’s warm enough to swim I have various projects going. I’m putting photos in albums tomorrow, learning guitar, going to start a recipe book for my mom and I, finish sewing some skirts, read some books and…



Last night, last night I cast off ONE sock from the pair I started in MARCH. I freakin’ hate finals. But I love y’all! 

As for book reviews, there are quite a few I should give, but I think I may just start up from now on again, with perhaps the exception of my favorite book of the semester.