My LYS Knit Night

On Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons my LYS has knit time. It’s pretty much always the same people; mostly older women. My friend and I are always (unless someone brings their kids) the youngest there. I often don’t agree with the political views of the LYSO and her employers. I don’t always buy my yarn there. But I love it. Everyone is nice, they ask how school is going, remember where Corinne and I go to college, where we’re traveling, what we’re doing.

Since we see each other most when we go there, we tend to talk on our own most of the time, but it’s still fun listening to others conversations, seeing what their knitting etc.

That say, if I have a problem, I’m much more likely to look it up online than ask someone. I think it’s because I taught myself. This benefits me, because my mom and friend who were taught usually need someone to help them. Nothing bad about it, just different.

I started the ribbing on my Central Park Hoodie!


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