In the Box

You know how when you have a big purse there are always a million things in it? Like a lighter, kniting, needles, a wallet, tampons, paperwork, hair ties, lipstick, Shakespeare’s The Tempest (or maybe that’s me), but the thing you need is never there?

Yesterday, I finished, except for felting, my guitar strap (need to go to Guitar Center today and get a knob put onto my guitar so I can use it), so I decided to clean out my stash box. In it I found: all my books, a baby hat in donated acrylic that I may never finish, yarn bands, empty Hefty bags, sock yarn, remnants of Cascade, a broken needle threader, a “doodad”, many many DPNs without a home (note to self, needle case), a hair tie, trash, a bag full of scrap yarn…

And oh yes, size 8 straights to do the gauge swatch for my Central Park Hoodie


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