Scholar? Maybe.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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It’s a new semester and I’m getting all organized. You know what a great invention desk dividers are? I didn’t until today. My pens, highlighters and sharpies are no longer all mixed together! Amazing.

I’m completely excited about getting my books tomorrow; particularly because I’m fairly sure that my Shakespeare text will be a copy of the Complete Works! :D I’m really hoping so.

You know, I write. I want to remain in academia and I consider myself somewhat of a scholar. But I’ve never been published (granted, I’m only 18), I don’t write constantly, although I have ideas a lot. I hate rewriting. And I wonder, does this all combine to mean I may never be successful? I’m intellegent, but part of it is that I do my classwork. I just wonder…. I don’t know. People knew more in ancient times, of course, in a way, there was less to know.

I guess we’ll see where it goes….


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