Winter Break How I love Thee

I love the endless time to read and knit and talk to my mom and not have actual work to do. I shall soon cast on the final project that I brought home yarn for (socks). I’m trying to finish reading Charlotte Bronte’s Vilette before I go back, since I set it aside since September and one of my goals is to read all of my “to read” books before I buy new onces (pleasure reads, obviously, textbooks must be bought in a week, ack!)

I finished the last of my “Christmas knitting” for my friend who’s had a rough semester and will give it to her when I get back to school. FO post once I have pictures of her in it.

My Mission101 has been going well. I’ve done all of the various “throughout the project” nitpicky things this week, and am working on the weightloss. Hopefully, once my cards are paid off, I’ll have the money to invest in rejoining weight watchers and that’ll be a big help.

I’ve changed my list a bit, getting rid of vague things such as “make better friends”, because that’s impossible to cross off. Instead, I’ve put on more things to help with my writing and such. So that’s better. :D

This month’s Bible verse is:

“We are persuaded that neither life, nor death, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things past, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creatures shall keep us from God’s love, which is Jesus Christ, Our Lord” Romans 15; 38-39


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