I’m not sure where it goes. Suddenly it’s past the beginning of October and some balls have just started rolling. Our knitting club should get recognized by student government on Wednesday, and then we can start meeting and then take stock of people’s abilities, things we’ll be doing and so on.

I have an almost-FO, but it still needs to be blocked and the accessory I’m making to go with it needs to be done :D. But soon. Hopefully it’ll all be done by Thursday, which, if the forecast doesn’t lie to me, should be the first day that the high drops considerably (to 70, but still).

I made banana nut muffins today, and they were pretty darn good, I think :) The probably could have done with some brown sugar, but they were a recipe using Splenda, so I didn’t want to up the calories with another sugar.

Tomorrow I meet with both the study-abroad coordinator and Financial aid to see about going back to London for a few week this summer :D

Oh, and my podcast listening is finally up to only those released in the past week. It’s kind of a miracle.

More very soon!


One Response to “Time”

  1. Kay Says:

    Podcasts? I am a huge podcast fan, of knitting, music and geek types, and have been almost since its inception a few years ago. Where’s the link for your podcast?

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