What’s Up Boredom?

So… I’m alone in a sorority house. Yeah. Because apparently we were supposed to have house manager training, but that was before the Greek Adviser left. Funny story, that one.

My big sister (sorority…. although she’s not technically IN my sorority, but she fits the bill anyway), just left for two years in the Peace Corps and not many other people have moved onto campus.

The Center for Civic Engagement has put me off a few times too, as far as working on organizing our knitting club, but I have emailed Local Yarn Stores for any aid they can give us.

I finished the second half of the cables on the Seaman Scarf, so I hope to get it finished before classes start on the 28th, and get started on Wicked! :D It’ll probably be slow-going, because it won’t be my in-class knit, which will mean having two projects on the needles, regularly *gasp!*

Hmm… that’s about it. More when my life gets more interesting.


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