Ravelry and other things

I’ve spent seriously the whole day on Ravelry, but I have all of my projects and stash up there. Go check out my page!

In uploading my projects, I reliaze how many of my blog posts mention Lizard Ridge. Before too long it’ll be over. Except, I’m thinking of backing it, which will take a little while, but the tutorial here is really good.

Interestingly, The Yarn Harlot‘s books aren’t in the Ravelry database yet, which amuses me.

I must be insane, by the way. I signed up for the Ravelry Summer Camp swap. The package goes out end of August, which is after my LJ swap is over. But still. I’m nuts.

Plane knitting will be two things from my LJ secret pal (in case of confiscation)

Either knitty’s toe-up sock pattern in this:

Or a headband in this:

I’ve changed my mind on what yarn to use for Wicked, since the cashmerino is pretty warm. I’m thinking now that I’ll use Malabrigo or Artyarns, even though they’re not machine washable. they’re just so pretty.

Anyway, packing and stuff must happen, so that’s about it until I hop across the pond.

Love you all!!


3 Responses to “Ravelry and other things”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow! you did spend a long time posting on ravelry today. impressive! how were you able to bring your photos in from flickr? i couldn’t do it. i created an account in flickr and when i went into ravelry and put in my user name in the edit photos section, nothing came up. please help since you seem to have done something right. thanks :) guess who!!! i will add you as a friend when the time is right. :)

  2. eusebius Says:

    Your ravelry page is looking awesome!! Love the deep purple shade for your Seaman’s Scarf. Thanks for friending me :)

  3. Rie Says:

    I love Artyarns stuff, it’s all so pretty.

    Have fun and be safe in France!

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