What to Knit?

I was going to blog this all yesterday but…. well, by the time I got home I was about to go out again and y’all would not have wanted me to blog then anyway. A water bottle and some of mojito, and then three (mayhavebeenfour) jello shots, a bit of a screwdriver and half a rum and coke are not good influences to blog under. Not good influences for anything really.

However, since I’d cast off this afghan square no knitting was harmed in the pursuit of drunkenness.

I really like this one, I like the pale purples and greys and blues, and the hint of darker purple and green. It all works really well together, I think.

Now, what to knit next? I’m between a garter stitch scarf with the veregated yarn I posted about here and FuzzyFeet with the red brick Cascade 200 in that post too. Thoughts?


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